Sneaker Freaker x AIAIAI earbuds

Finding decent headphones is always an issue for me. After spending a lot of time trying out different styles of in-the-ear pieces, I decided I’d never find the perfect fit for my lugholes: every pair I’ve tried have either fallen out after 10 seconds, or I’ve had to jam them in so hard that I’ve risked brain damage. Spending £180 on a pair of Ultimate Ears ‘phones turned out to be a total waste of money – after all, who’s gonna want to buy secondhand foam that’s been jammed into your ear? No-one, that’s who.

So, I’ve been sticking with my Audio Technica headphones for the past few years. They’re great, but hardly inconspicuous… and I fancied something a little stealthier. So it was a pleasant surprise to find a set of these AIAIAI ‘phones in my mailbox the other morning, courtesy of the guys at Sneaker Freaker. These aren’t any old ‘phones though: the SF team have given them a special makeover with a slick colour treatment.

Firstly, they fit really well. A selection of interchangeable tips – soft foam or latex – gives a custom fit, so that’s a big plus point. But the nicest feature is a multiple-function button on the leads. When used with an iPhone, the button answers incoming calls (and, as you’d expect, hangs up as well). When using the iPod function (again, on an iPhone), the button functions with a single push to play or stop the music. Push the button two times and the iPod will forward to next song. They’ve got the standard 3.5mm jack plug and therefore will fit iPods, iPhones, most MP3 players, laptops and all kinds of stuff.

You want technical data, right? Here you go:

Driver unit size: 9 mm
Impedance: 16 ohm
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW at 1K Hz
Frequency Respons: 20-20K Hz
Rated power input: 4 mW
Maximum power input: 20 mW
Microphone Operating Voltage: 3∼10 V

All that really matters is that they sound good, fit well and look great. And you can buy them here from the Sneaker Freaker store for $60USD.

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