Skatebook is a quarterly, 350 page, hard bound, coffee table book featuring skateboarding’s most iconic personalities, moments, events, eras, brands and the culture as a whole.”

That’s what the ‘About’ section on the Skatebook site says, so I figured that was more than enough information needed to try and find myself a copy. The first stumbling block was that there’s no international postage from their US-based site. Dammit. Living in London might be good sometimes, but it spoiled my chances of easily getting a copy of Skatebook – and there are no UK distributors either, so that angle was firmly lopped off at the root too.

Luckily, a quick Google search uncovered the guys at Unicron in San Diego, who were happy to send me the last two issues. Not only that, but Kevin at the store was kind enough to track down a copy of the long-gone first issue. Now that’s the customer service I was searching for!


The three books arrived fairly swiftly – and the first thing I noticed was how big and heavy they are. Bigger than an ’86 Transworld, heavier than a set of Gullwings. The hardback cover on issues two and three takes this publication out of the ‘magazine’ section and firmly into the coffee table zone; I had them on my desk at the office and all day people kept flicking through them. If you like your skate literature word-heavy and packed with lots to read, you’re probably looking in the wrong place, but the photos are amazing.


There are too many great pages in these to do a full review of each issue, but some of the features I particularly liked were the Fucked-Up Blind Kids/DGK parody retrospective, the Cardiel section, the Danny Way pictorial spreads, the Hosoi article… and… well, there’s a hell of a lot more.

If you ever felt the need to stick something substantial in your bookshelves, then Skatebook is probably a good decision. If you ever skated, you’ll find plenty to keep you amused. But even if you’ve never experienced the graze of tarmac across your knees, these are still well worth the $19.99.

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