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Original Fake room shoes

Wack. As a rule, slippers are wack. For the past fifteen years, I’ve stuck to wearing sneakers indoors – and before that, it was socks all the way. It’s taken a long time for anything to steer me from this opinion or for anyone to convince me to take a look at wearing something specifically for indoor situations. But these little sleeping bag booties from Original Fake did just that.

Original Fake room shoes

To be honest, as much as my love for Kaws extends, I never really checked out his collaborative Original Fake clothing label with Medicom. I’d seen the various denim and cotton products and whilst they looked good enough on the blogs, they were never in my sights when out and about. As far as I can work out, other than the folks at Goodhood, there isn’t anyone else stocking the label in London. Fortunately, the guys over at The Glade in Berlin included these in their November mailout and I hit them up to see what the deal was.

Original Fake room shoes

OK, they’re not inexpensive. In fact, you could probably pick up a couple of pairs of sneakers for the same price. But they’re far more acceptable than treading dog-muck into your mum’s living room rug. Filled with down feathers and with a drawstring toggle on the cuff, they’re pretty much the most comfortable things you’ll ever slip onto your feet. The little non-slip rubber bits on the sole seem to work as well. The subtle Kaws ‘X’ eyes on the top, the stylish little heel tabs and the slick-as-hell packaging soften the blow of cashing out your Paypal account.

I think I’ve gone on about these long enough: rock a quick Google search and see if you can source a pair for yourself. They came in black, olive – and a smashing orange colour.

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