Chocolate Skateboards ‘City Street’ Decks

I’m a sucker for any Evan Hecox artwork, so this series of Chocolate boards caught my eye straight away. I’m guessing that this set was designed as a follow-up to one of the best series of graphics of all time: the ‘City Series One’, released in 1997:

(Image pilfered from

The new set has five boards that piece together, from five of Chocolate’s pro riders: Kenny Anderson, Devine Calloway, Marc Johnson, Gino Iannucci and Anthony Pappalardo. As always, the Hecox illustrations are spot on: nice tri-tone washes, bold pen outlines and slick attention to detail. Oh, and the ever-important Chocolate logo joins the decks nicely in the form of a hoarding above the stores.

Yeah, skateboards are for riding, but I needed a set of these to grace the walls in my house before they disappeared. You’ll be lucky to find them now, but if you see a set pick ’em up. A good investment (I doubled up and sold my spare set for nearly £2k a month after buying them off eBay for $300), but most-importantly they look fantastic. I invested the profits into buying a couple more Hecox prints – and an extra Calloway model to use for its intended purpose. Nice.

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